How to get on board

We welcome experienced experts with lots of know-how just as much as those who are just starting out with lots of motivation and the desire to learn more. We also welcome students looking for practical experience. We are flexible when it comes to the structure of your job so that you get the best opportunity to give your all with us. 

Areas of work: Your opportunities 

Focus: national 
Focus: international

As a (fully trained) lawyer, you are our expert for all things data protecion. You advise our corporate clients form many different industries, which makes your job particularly interesting. The focus of your work at datenschutz nord or datenschutz süd will be on national data protection and at FIRST PRIVACY you will focus on international data protection. You independently process different legal question, educate our clients and create contracts, guidelines and compnay agreements, for example regarding email and internet use or video surveillance. You also often take on the role of external company or official data protection officer.

Focus: Consulting
Focus: Penetration tests

As a consultant at datenschutz nord or datenschutz süd, you examine and evaluate the information security of our clients and offer suggestions for improvement where necessary. And one thing is certain: a vearied working week. You create and examine IT security concepts as well as risk analyses, or advise ont the implementation of information security management systems. You also have the opportunity to specialise in the field of penetration tests. Attacks against networks, IT systems, web applications and smartphone apps will then be part of your daily routine. Always in consultation with our clients who want to secure their IT environment, of course. 

At datenschutz cert you specialise in the field of audits and certifications. You evaluate the data protection and/or the IT security of our clients with the help of international catalogues of criteria such as ISO/IEC 27001. The clients that you deal with include data centres, energy providers or logistics companies who want to meet the specifications for certifications and quality seals. As Auditor, you take on the role of inspector. As Lead Auditor you lead a team of Auditors on projects. As a Certifier you examine the results of audits and award the sought-after certificates or seals. 

In this sector under PRIVACY Central, it is all about the development and marketing of our products in the field of data protection. In software development you optimise our data protection management system for example, which we use internally as well as offering it to our clients. Or you take on the responsibility for the technical and administrative care for our academy´s e-learning platform. In product management your focus can be on strategy development, product planning, sales or product support.

At DSN Holding GmbH - the parent company of the datenschutz nord Group - you act as a service provider for your colleagues in the other companies. Do you come from a sales, IT administration or creative background and have a passion for providing services? Then there ara numerous opportunities for you to start with us in office management, finance, HR, IT, marketing and at our academy.